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Coach Natalie Fincik

MVG Owner & Team Program Director

Natalie has over 30 years of coaching experience and opened Maximum Velocity Gymnastics in August 2016 out of her desire to provide the best possible gymnastics coaching to children of all levels, ages, and abilities. Her passion for gymnastics as a sport helps children develop physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Amy Vavra

Preschool Program Director

Amy has over 10 years experience as an early years classroom teacher and over 10 years of experience as a gymnast. She loves working with children and watching them grow in their confidence and skills. 


Shalene Raath

Team Coach

Coach Shalene competed as a gymnast for 15 years and has coached for 16 years. She was a member of the South Africa National Team and competed in world championships and the Commonwealth Games. She was a chairperson for Rhythmic Gymnastics owned her own Gymnastics Club in South Africa. Shalene believes that the skills needed to be a great gymnast are the skills needed for success in life!


Natasha Guida

Team Coach

Natasha competed as an elite gymnast in Russia and has coached for 42 years. She taught in Russia for 25 years, and in Bulgaria, Canada, and the USA for the past 18 years. Natasha loves seeing the process of progress and witnessing the passion the gymnasts have for the sport.


Gabriella Coppola

Team Coach

Gabby has been coaching with Coach Natalie for 6 years and has been a Team Coach for 2 years. Her Bronze Team won first place last year at their first competition! Gabby now coaches the Silver Team.


Jessica Slavin

Team Coach

Jessica competed in college gymnastics and has over 25 years of experiencing coaching. She owned her own gymnastics facility in Sebastian for 15 years prior to working with MVG.


Cassie Coppola

Team Coach

Cassie has been training as a gymnast for 12 years and has been coaching for 3 years. She was one of the first gymnasts at MVG.


Kimberlee Gribble

Assistant Team Coach

Kimberlee began gymnastics at the age of 7 at MVG. She competed with the XCEL Gold team for 3 years. After an injury, she stopped competing and began coaching. She quickly feel in love with teaching others and watching gymnasts gain new skills feeling proud of their accomplishments.


Sarah Ogden

Assistant Team Coach

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Renee Eiswerth

Recreational Coach


Rachel Harvey

Recreational Coach


Madison Kemp

Recreational Coach

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Ella Babcock

Recreational Coach

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Alexis Rausch

Recreational Coach

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Gabriella Camilo

Recreational Coach


Maxine Brooks

Recreational Coach


Lisa Stewart

Office Manager


Lisa Bishop

Small Wonders Receptionist


Karrie Bishop

Kids' Night Out Coach

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