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Meet Our Team

Cultivating Confidence. Maximizing Potential. Pursuing Excellence.

Coach Natalie Fincik

MVG Owner

Team Program Director

Natalie has over 30 years of coaching experience and opened Maximum Velocity Gymnastics in August 2016. She began gymnastics at the age of 7 and competed until the age of 16.  As a young child, Natalie had a natural desire to teach her classmates at school and would hold “classes” on the playground at recess. When Natalie was older, the gym owner taught her to spot her teammates. She loved to help others and made it a goal to own a gym one day. Natalie loves how the sport of gymnastics teaches children to control their body.  She also believes that gymnastics is a powerful tool that develops self-confidence and helps children to realize their unique and incredible potential! 


Amy Vavra

Small Wonders Preschool &

Active Enrichment Director

Recreational Coach

Birthday Party Staff

Amy has over 10 years experience as an early years classroom teacher and over 10 years of experience as a gymnast. She loves working with children and watching them grow in their confidence and skills. 


Renee Eiswerth

Small Wonders Manager

Bronze Team Coach

Mini-Team Coach

Special Events Coordinator

Renee is an original MVG staff member and has been with the gym since the doors opened. She coaches pre-k through the Competitive Team. Renee works hard to ensure her students are successful and is proud to watch them achieve their goals. She is also responsible for planning special events for the Main Gym and Small Wonders locations. 


Lisa Stewart

MVG Office Manager

Human Resources


Sarah Ogden

Recreational Program Director

Recreational & Pre-Team Coach

Birthday Party Coordinator

Sarah participated in gymnastics as a child and coached in South FL for four years. Sarah has been coaching at MVG since September 2022. Sarah is pursuing a BA degree in Psychology and plans to continue on to a Master's Degree. Sarah would like to have a job that would enable her to help children when she graduates. Sarah knows that coming to gymnastics is the best part of many of her students' day.  She enjoys watching kids work hard on a skill and the pride they have when they're able to master it!


Skylar Babick

Silver Team Coach

Administrative Assistant

Birthday & Camp Staff


Taylor Hunter

Recreational & Gold Team Coach

Small Wonders Preschool Teacher

Birthday & Camp Staff

Taylor has been a gymnast since she was 3 years old. She enjoys volunteering with children, is currently attending Indian River State College, and has aspirations to be an entrepreneur. Taylor coaches at both gym locations.


Lisa Bishop

Small Wonders Receptionist

Small Wonders Preschool Teacher

Lisa was a preschool teacher for 4 years and has been a receptionist for 11 years. She recently moved to Florida from Indiana and has a teenage daughter. Lisa enjoys meeting new people and forming relationships with the kids and families at MVG.


Natasha Guida

Team Coach

USAG Judging Official

Natasha competed as an elite gymnast in Russia and has coached for 42 years. She taught in Russia for 25 years, and in Bulgaria, Canada, and the USA for the past 18 years. Natasha loves seeing the process of progress and witnessing the passion the gymnasts have for the sport.


Emma Grotke

Summer Camp Director

Recreational & Team Coach

Emma participated in competitive gymnastics as a child with Coach Natalie and she has been coaching for the past 8 years. Emma is currently a  4th grade teacher at Master’s Academy. Emma has a teacher’s heart. Her favorite part about coaching is getting to know children and building relationships with them. We are thrilled to have Emma as our summer camp director.


Kimberlee Gribble

Recreational & Pre-Team Coach

Birthday & Camp Staff

Kimberlee began gymnastics at the age of 7 at MVG. She competed with the XCEL Gold team for 3 years. After an injury, she stopped competing and began coaching and quickly fell in love with teaching.  Kimberlee enjoys watching gymnasts gain new skills and feeling proud of their accomplishments. She is also a Fighting Indians Cheerleader.


Maxine Brooks

 Recreational Coach

Recreational Team Coach

Birthday & Camp Staff

Maxine did gymnastics as a child and has been coaching at MVG for just under a year. She loves watching her students progress and beam with pride. Maxine plans to be a nurse when she finishes school.

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