Girls Gymnastics
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Beginner Level 1

This is the introductory level of our recreational gymnastics program. As they progress, students will notice an increase in balance, strength and flexibility. Students are introduced to all gymnastics apparatus, including the bars, beam, vault, and trampolines. Gymnasts will have mastered rolling forward and backward, a handstand and cartwheel before progressing to Beginner Level 2. Class length is 55 minutes. Student to teacher ratio 8:1.

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Beginner Level 2

Gymnasts will already know the fundamentals at this level. Focusing on technique, gymnasts continue to build strength while training new skills and gymnastics dance is incorporated. Gymnasts will have mastered a round off, standing backbend with kickover, a pullover on the bars and have the ability to do basic skills on a medium height balance beam in order to advance to the Intermediate Level. Class length is 55 minutes. Student to teacher ratio 8:1.

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Intermediate level gymnasts will have progressed through our beginner levels or have been placed there through evaluation. Gymnasts at this level will have mastered the basics and will begin to link skills together to form short routines. Back handsprings and running tumbling are introduced and gymnasts will use the vault table, high bar and put tumbling on beam. Class length is 1 hour and 25 minutes. Student to teacher ratio 8:1.