Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastic training is unsurpassed as a sport capable of developing a child’s total physical potential. In gymnastics classes children learn how much focus, practice and dedication it takes to learn a skill and the joy and pride it brings to master it. Children gain more confidence in their bodies and movement and their ability to conquer other physical challenges.

Maximum Velocity Gymnastics has programs for all ages. We offer structured classes and open gyms for girls and boys ages 18 months through 18 years. Our classes have a low student to teacher ratio that allows for more individual attention and promotes a safer environment for learning.

Why is MVG right for my child?

Dedication to Quality

MVG requires all instructors to be qualified and registered with either USAG or AAU. Instructors are hand picked and all staff have been background checked, ensuring your children are in safe hands. We believe in full disclosure for any incidents that may occur in the gym setting, even the most minor bumps and bruises. Parent communication is encouraged and we welcome feedback about your child’s successes as well as their struggles. It is common for parents to report that their children are doing better in school, at home and during other sports after being a student at MVG.

Dedication to Individual Advancement

MVG assesses each child independently so that they are never bored or held back due to age. We believe that children advance at their own pace and some children will develop faster than others. Children who show above average ability physically, mentally and emotionally may be invited to be a part of TOPS or competitive team gymnastics. Positive reinforcement is used with our students.

What should we expect?

Structures Classes with Lots of Movement

MVG classes are structured so that children aren’t waiting in long lines for their turns! We focus on keeping children engaged in the learning process from the most basic skills to the more difficult. Every basic skill learned is a building block for a more complex skill or set of skills. You will find that we focus on these basic skills to encourage precision and consistent execution. Once mastered, the child will be moved into progressively more difficult skills. Don’t worry if your child seems to be struggling with one or several skills, this is very common! Often, a child will excel in one apparatus while they are slower to develop on another – this is perfectly okay! The best thing a parent can do is to support and encourage their child every step of the way. Encouraging words such as “You worked really hard on that skill today… I bet tomorrow you will do even better!” are great ways to help your child if they are stuck on a particular skill.

How to Prepare for Class

Children should arrive at class approximately 5 minutes before their session starts. We begin promptly at your child’s class time. Shoes may be kept in cubbies. No gum, candy, food or drinks on the floor. It is best if the child has not eaten within 30 minutes of class, but has had a nutritious snack within the last hour and is well hydrated. Mobile devices should be kept with the parent or at home as there are no lockers for recreational gymnasts.

Communiation with Your Child's Coach

We encourage you to speak with your child’s coach if you want to just check on their progress or have other issues that you need to discuss. Many coaches rotate immediately into another class. If so, please speak with the receptionist at the desk and they may help you or take a message for your child’s coach or Coach Natalie. If there are any issues that the coach needs to speak with you about, they will either ask for you or call you after class. Parents and siblings not in a class at the time are not allowed on the coaching floor for liability reasons and should remain behind the front row tables unless the coach requests your presence. Sometimes this can be difficult if you see your child struggling or having a behavior issue. Rest assured that our coaches will handle all issues with positive reinforcement and encouragement. Because gymnastics requires a high degree of trust between coach and gymnast (especially when skills become more difficult) it is important for the coach and child to work together to a solution.


As your child masters required skills, they will be advanced into the next level. By advancing children independently, children will neither fall behind nor become bored when they have mastered their level. When your child is ready for advancement, your coach will notify you and arrangements will be made based on your schedule for the next, most appropriate class.

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