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Gymnasts ages 4-7 that demonstrate above average ability in our recreational classes may be invited to join this pre-competitive level program. Competitive gymnastics requires a high level of commitment from both athlete and their families. Our Pre-Team is a great way to determine if your child possesses the desire and will to accept more rigorous training. There will be a greater emphasis on proper technique, form of skills and strength training in preparation for competitive level gymnastics. Practices are 2 hours in length twice weekly for a total of 4 hours.

USA Gymnastics Xcel Program
At MVG we strive to make competitive gymnastics a very positive experience. Gymnasts begin their competitive career in our Xcel Program Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels and compete through USA Gymnastics. The Xcel Program allows our athletes greater flexibility in skill choice and increases longevity in the sport. Athletes can continually progress and update their routines to showcase their strong areas. Gymnasts that progress through this program will enter the USA Gymnastics JO program at Level 6 after scoring out of Levels 4 and 5 at an in-house mobility competition.The number of practice hours and days varies by level. 

USA Gymnastics Levels 6-10
USA Gymnastics Levels 6-10 is a highly competitive arena. Gymnasts must demonstrate precise technique in their skills and form in order to enjoy success while competing. It is fairly common for gymnasts to progress more slowly as they work to master these levels. There is a considerable time commitment involved in training and competing but the life lessons and experience create a positive and lasting impression.  

Competitive Team Programs & TOPS are by invitation or evaluation only. Please speak with Head Coach Natalie Fincik for more details.

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